EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel eni

Agip Collection

Showcase EIDEX Werbemittel Giveaways

Bayern 3 Collection

Client: Bayern 3

Specification: Child-friendly mascot for increasing communication.

Solution: Special production of the Mixies: Funky and Freaky, Nanny and Molly, Angry and Easy.

Motto: „My favorite mix on the radio.“

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Clarks

Clarks Special Production

Specification: Favourable, friendly give away for POS-clients.

Solution: Custom-made keyring with stylized miniature shoe made of genuine leather with embossing.

Motto: „Small but mighty.“

EIDEX Showcase Produktionen Disney

Disney Collection

EIDEX Showcase Produktionen


We are with you on the fast lane!

In 2015, the company launches a new visual image. The logo gets a make-over and EIDEX refreshes the design of the van!

EIDEX Showcase Eurofighter Werbemittel

Eurofighter Collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Eurofighter

Eurofighter Special Production

Specification: Valuable, custom gift for distinguished personalities.

Solution: Eurofighter replica in sterling silver on pedestal and Eurofighter replica in the finest Rosenthal porcelain on pedestal.

Motto: Original as replica: Only the best materials are being used.

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Fujitsu

Fujitsu Special Production

Specification: Experience the new LIFEBOOK E.

Solution: Special design of a notebook in the form and design of the new LIFEBOOK.

Motto: „Write on!“

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Fujitsu

Fujitsu Special Collection

The Lifebook as an advent calendar.

HD+ Special Production

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Knaus

Knaus Collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Knaus

Knaus Sonderproduktion

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Knorr Bremse

Knorr Bremse Collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Knorr Bremse

Knorr Bremse Special Production

Special edition 2017/2018 – The bears appear in several editions differently “dressed” and are therefore coveted collectibles.

EIDEX Showcase Produktionen MTU

MTU Special Production

Specification: Mascot incorporating the core product.

Solution: Bee in corporate colours with turbine “at the rear”, as a window hanger with suction cup.

Motto: „Friendly bee with strong drive.“

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Porsche

Porsche Special Production

Specification: High-quality customer present for the 911 series release in 2011 including the product history.

Solution: Acrylic base with vehicle silhouettes.

Motto: „The 911 in time and space.“

EIDEX Showcase Produktionen t@b

T@B Special Production


EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Tabbert

Tabbert Collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Woerle

Woerle Special Production

Specification: POS on-pack items with product specific secondary benefits.

Solution: Custom-made cheese grater with secondary use (storage) in attractively designed product packaging.

Motto: „A true must-have article.“

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel WKK

WWK Collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel WWK

WWK Special Production

WWK insurance mascot named Nobbi as a stuffed toy and key chain.

EIDEX has produced various portfolio models – the folders are larger than standard dimensions. One of them including a mount for various tablet PCs.