Our advertising materials - special and individual

EIDEX has a product range of over 300,000 standard products. In addition, we conceive, design and produce every conceivable custom-made product for you. In order to express more individuality, to support special events and marketing campaigns and to distinguish your company even more clearly from competitors, standard products are not always sufficient. Here you can benefit from our many years of experience and close contacts with our suppliers. We know who suits you, which products can be implemented by whom and on what terms, and we deliver custom-fit solutions that generate enthusiasm. We would like to present you some examples of which we are particularly proud.

Promotional Gift Award – Winner

Customer: Knaus Tabbert

Kneading fun for young and old! Vegan play dough in a practical gift set for all KNAUS fans. The set contains 200g KNETÄ® in a resealable tin and a silicone mold with four different kneading motifs.


Water Save Challenge

Customer: IDEALO

We were looking for a particularly sustainable and useful product for the idealo gift online shop that was newly developed and managed by EIDEX 2022.

Our partner company FARE developed the solution with the unique waterSAVE® cover material, which reduces the consumption of valuable raw materials and energy in production and drastically reduces the pollution of the environment with harmful substances.

After FARE presented the #waterSAVEchallenge to us, we were able to convey the idealo project in a very open exchange and develop the premium umbrella as a complete special production. Approximately six liters of water are saved in the manufacture of each umbrella. This amount of water saved is converted into a monetary value and then donated to the non-profit organization “Viva con Agua”, which helps to give more people access to clean drinking water. As a birthday present for employees at idealo, the umbrellas are available free of charge in the online shop, along with other products.

Pump up the volume!

Customer: ENI

Eni is one of the global leaders in the oil and gas industry, working towards a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Eni has been an EIDEX customer since 2010 – since 2018 even in full service. We developed a shop-in-shop system for Eni Germany and Eni Austria, which around 900 petrol station operators can access to select from over 400 items. The offer is adapted to the specific country in each case.

From Eni Austria came the requirement to implement the Eni lubricating oil drum in a smaller scale and true to the original as a high-quality USB speaker box in a special production. The brand logo with the six-legged dog, which has existed almost unchanged since 1952, and the yellow and black color scheme were the key design elements alongside the cylindrical shape. The function keys and connection sockets should be unobtrusively integrated into the mini oil barrel and an attractively designed packaging box should be designed. Together with the manufacturer Nestler-Matho, the product was developed from the idea to the final product maturity in close coordination rounds and feedback discussions with EIDEX. In an edition of 2,500 pieces, the box can now be ordered as an eye-catching gift in the Eni online shop in Austria.

The personal ScanWatch

Customer: ERGO

ERGO is one of the largest insurance groups in Europe and is one of the top 5 in the life, property and health segments in its home market of Germany. Fit, digital and successful – these are the buzzwords with which ERGO stands out from the competition and which gave us an idea for a special gift in recognition of outstanding achievements over five years during the ERGO strategy program.

From four variants of a noble WITHINGS ScanWatch, which can continuously “digitally” scan the vital parameters – and thus not only helps to stay “fit” but also actively and “successfully” keeps an eye on heart health – the employees were able to choose one programmed by EIDEX Select online shop and place your free order.

At EIDEX, around 20,000 individual gift sets were then packed on behalf of ERGO and sent to private addresses throughout Germany. Each set contained the ERGO-branded ScanWatch including an information brochure and a digital video card with a personal greeting from the ERGO board in a specially designed packaging box. With the support of the ScanWatch, each of the recipients can see and measure how fit, digital and successful they already are.

Stay flexible

Customer: HD+

With HD+, TV fans can see 26 of the largest private channels in HD quality in addition to the free-to-air HD channels. For more than ten years, EIDEX has been the producer of eye-catching advertising material for the subscription program provider. Often present: the gifted actor & entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein, who characterizes the appearance of HD+ as a casual testimonial. Together with Friedrich Liechtenstein, HD+ developed dealer training on a new product. Exclusively for this occasion, we produced the Wackel-Liechtenstein in an edition of 3,000 pieces – a detailed hand-painted image of Liechtenstein that the dealers received after the training. On the one hand a perfect reminder of the event – on the other hand the cool figure can also be placed prominently on the sales counter.

Quick implementation

Customer: Airbus

As the largest aerospace company in Europe, Airbus is also the world leader in the aviation industry with 130,000 employees. Aircraft designers are not only enthusiastic about technology, they are also said to have a certain affinity for model building. This circumstance gave the EIDEX customer the idea of including a model of the euro drone developed in the group made of plug-in bricks as an advertising medium in the range. The development of the model based on the photos provided by the customer lasted only a few days; the first draft has already been approved for production. The models are coveted giveaways at major aviation trade fairs such as the ILA – both with customers and interested parties, but also with private visitors of all age groups.

Showcase EIDEX Werbemittel Giveaways

Bayern 3 Radio Collection

Customer: Bayern 3 (Radio)

Specification: Friendly and child-friendly mascot to increase communication.

Solution: Custom-made mixies: Funky and Freaky, Nanny and Molly, Angry and Easy.

Motto: “My favorite mix on the radio.”

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Clarks

Clarks’ special production

Customer: Clarks

Specification: Inexpensive, friendly give-away for POS customers.

Solution: Custom-made key ring with a stylized miniature shoe made of real leather with embossing.

Motto: “Small but mighty.”

EIDEX Showcase Produktionen Disney

Disney Collection

EIDEX Showcase Produktionen


Customer: DPD Parcel Service

In the fast lane and we’ll be there live!

In 2015, the company shines with a new visual appearance. The logo is undergoing a relaunch and, to go with it, the transporter is also available from EIDEX in a new look!

EIDEX Showcase Eurofighter Werbemittel

Eurofighter Collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Eurofighter

Eurofighter special production

Customer: Eurofighter

Specification: Valuable, custom-made gift for high-ranking personalities.

Solution: Eurofighter replica in sterling silver on a base and Eurofighter replica in the finest Rosenthal porcelain on a base.

Motto: “Original and replica: only the best materials are used.”

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Fujitsu

Fujitsu special production

Customer: Fujitsu

Specification: Experience the new LIFEBOOK E.

Solution: Custom-made notebook in the shape and design of the new LIFEBOOK.

Motto: “Write again!”

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Fujitsu

Fujitsu special collection

Customer: Fujitsu

The new Lifebook as advent Calendar.

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Knaus

Knaus Collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Knaus

Knaus special production

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Knorr Bremse

Knorr Bremse collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Knorr Bremse

Knorr Bremse special production

Customer: Knorr Bremse

Special Edition 2017/ 2018 – the little bears appear “dressed” differently in the different editions and are therefore coveted collector’s items.

EIDEX Showcase Produktionen MTU

MTU special production

Customer: MTU

Specification: mascot including the core product.

Solution: Bee in corporate colors with a turbine “at the rear”, as a disc pendant with a suction cup.

Motto: “Fly bee with a strong drive.”

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Porsche

Porsche special production

Customer: PORSCHE

Specification: High-quality present for existing customers for the new release of the 911 of the 2011 series, including the product history.

Solution: Acrylic base with vehicle silhouette inserts.

Motto: “The 911 in time and space.”

EIDEX Showcase Produktionen t@b

T@B special production

Customer: T@B

Specification: Cool, individual give-away for customers in the 25-35 target group.

Solution: The classic image drink for a young, dynamic appearance.

Motto: “More power for you.”

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Tabbert

Tabbert collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel Woerle

Woerle special production

Customer: Woerle

Specification: POS on-pack item with product-specific secondary use.

Solution: Custom-made cheese grater with secondary use (storage) in attractively designed special product packaging.

Motto: “A real must-have item.”

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel WKK

WWK collection

EIDEX Showcase Werbemittel WWK

WWK special production

Customer: WWK

Nobbi mascot of the WWK as a stuffed animal and key ring.

EIDEX has produced various folder models – the folders are larger than standard dimensions. One variant includes a variable holder for different tablet PC sizes.