The EIDEX-History

In the mid-90s, the later company founders were looking for a gift for friends for their business administration exams. Inspired by a visit to Harvard, they came up with the idea of designing an embroidered University of Passau cap with the title “Master of Business”. No sooner said than done! After the exam party, suddenly everyone wanted such a cap. And so the cap was produced in the western village of Pullman City and sold in front of the refectory. After the law exam, friends who had meanwhile started working in marketing approached them with requests. Step by step, the assortment was expanded to include polo shirts, Leatherman tools, and so on. Today the assortment includes 300,000 articles and EIDEX represents all well-known brands in this area.

And how did the name EIDEX come about?

In 1999, in the Schwabing living room on a small billiard table and with an old laptop, the founders began to organize the distribution of advertising materials as a side job in addition to their legal clerkship. The company name had to be short, catchy, visually appealing and modern, and the logo had to feature a little animal – the implementation was to be quick and professional. ID.FIX” via “IDEX” finally became EIDEX with the figurative mark of a lizard.

EIDEX won its first full-service advertising customer in 2002 with Eurofighter. The milestone for the unique selling proposition among advertising agencies was set. The “all-round carefree package” quickly impressed other customers.


Successful premiere of WerbeWelt

For the first time, the “WerbeWelt” trade fair for “sustainable advertising materials” was launched in the greater Munich area. The premiere took place on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. EIDEX, as organizer of the trade fair, together with four other supporting agencies, undertook and implemented many things. New accents were set in many respects and the trade fair was contemporary not only from the advertising appearance with a fresh, clear CI.

WerbeWelt, the trade fair for sustainable advertising materials.

The demand for sustainable advertising materials has currently increased sharply in all sectors and industries. Whether recycled materials, climate neutrality in production, short delivery routes and country of origin. At WerbeWelt, manufacturers and importers from the world of promotional products present current products and services with a focus on sustainable manufacturing, fair trade and regional production.


Cohesion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the COVIC-19 pandemic, which has been ongoing since 2020, EIDEX provides pharmacies, schools, social institutions and customers with certified protective items.


This year’s WerbeWiesen was all about the dawn of a new normal. As always, innovative promotional products and friendly brand exhibitors awaited you in the midst of the unique, Bavarian atmosphere of our WerbeWiesn.

New this year was a sophisticated hygiene concept (temperature measurements, disinfection points, increased distance rules, etc.) with which we could guarantee you and all visitors a safe visit to the fair.



Happy Birthday – EIDEX

20 years have already passed since the foundation in 1999.

Opening of second logistics center

Due to steady demand, we invested again in 2019 to expand our full-service business. We were very lucky to get a perfect place for more storage space right in the neighborhood. The new hall is perfectly suited and was remodeled to meet our needs.

The inauguration was held in October 2019 by Minister Kerstin Schreyer.




EIDEX gets a redesign

For weeks, the new website was worked on with diligence and heart and soul. Not only the online medium appears in new splendor. The EIDEX logo has been relaunched, the corporate design has been modified and a new visual language has been created.

The WerbeWiesn moves

Always something new? Exactly, we provide innovation, variety and excitement. In line with the new location of the fair, the look & feel of the WerbeWiesn was overhauled. On Sept. 13th the fair will be held for the first time at the Zenith Kulturhalle in Munich.

EIDEX Webseite Relaunch Werbemittel
EIDEX Logo Relaunch Werbemittel München
EIDEX WerbeWiesn Werbeartikel München
EIDEX TÜV Fullservice Werbemittel Anbieter
EIDEX Shopsysteme Knaus
EIDEX Shopsysteme T@B
EIDEX Shopsysteme Tabbert
EIDEX Shopsysteme Weinsberg


We take it very seriously

TÜV certification ISO 9001:2016 for quality management advertising material trade and advertising material full service.

World Wide Web

Going Online of the 4 KnausTabbert B2B/B2C advertising material stores (Knaus / Tabbert / Weinsberg / T@B).


All-round carefree package

EIDEX wins new full-service customers this year (MunichRE, WireCard).

Hard work pays off

This year EIDEX presents the annual werbemittel:messe:münchen at the MOC in Munich for the 8th time in a row.


The EIDEXes are proud:

EIDEX and its team now serve 22 full-service customers.

New customers for EIDEX

EIDEX wins new full service customers this year (Knorr-Bremse, DaWanda, Grundig).


We get growth

22 office chairs are occupied at EIDEX. The team is happy about the long lasting growth and the energetic support.

In the meantime, 18 full-service customers are already supported by EIDEX.

EIDEX Mitarbeiter Fullservice Werbeartikel
EIDEX Trailer Fullservice Werbeartikel


Diligence pays off

Tenders are a lot of work. The EIDEXes put in the work and were also able to win ESB Energie Südbayern and TCS AG as full-service customers. We thank them for this trust.


In order to give our customers an impression of what we mean by full-service advertising material, we worked intensively on a trailer. The result is impressive!

Mit einem Klick zum Trailer


More and more exhibitors & customers are enthusiastic

WerbeWiesn 2011 is a great success with over 70 exhibitors.

Success on all levels

EIDEX wins Sanyo Solar / Panasonic (Europe), as well as Fujitsu (EMEA) as advertising full service customers.

EIDEX WerbeWiesn 2011 München
EIDEX Chronik neues Gebäude Zeitungsbericht


New fish on the hook

After hard work it pays off once again. We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and look forward to serving REC Solar (worldwide) and MHM Holding (worldwide) as full-service advertising customers from now on.

Change of scenery

The conversion was exciting and the jewel is finally finished! The EIDEXEN are happy about a new “home”. This year sees the move and the ceremonial inauguration of the new company building. The storage capacity is now 2,000 pallet spaces.


New Fullservice-Customers

EIDEX wins Kabel Deutschland and Vifor Pharma Ltd. (worldwide) as full-service advertising customers.

New Award!

The B*B Award is presented ceremoniously for the first time at the WerbeWiesn.


Öfter mal was Neues

EIDEX presents this year for the first time the werbemittel:messe:münchen.


Ideas, planning, & action pay off.

Die EIDEX WIESN feiert ihre Premiere am Standort in Baierbrunn.


A few EIDEX key data

EIDEX employs 22 people.
Package output: approx. 30,000 pieces.
Opening of 2nd warehouse in Baierbrunn: storage capacity 700 pallets

EIDEX Eurofighter Typhoon Magna Steyr Fullservice


To a good cooperation

EIDEX wins full service Eurofighter B2B and Magna Steyr as full service customers. We are happy about this.


City, country, full service

The EIDEXes are moving. We say goodbye to the beautiful old town of the state capital Munich and move to the countryside, to Baierbrunn.

We get more work

In addition, EIDEX wins Sony Ericsson as a full-service customer.

EIDEX Werbemittel München fullfillment


We are happy about new customers!

Also this year wonderful and successful collaborations arise: EIDEX wins MTU and Allianz Dresdner/MetallRente as new full-service customers.


The manpower & competences are increased

More employment contracts have been filed in our folders. EIDEX now employs 6 people. The team is growing and together we are looking forward to exciting tasks and interesting customers.

Hard work pays off!

EIDEX also wins Eurofighter as a full service customer this year.

EIDEX Werbeagentur München Give Aways


The first great progress

Millennium mood! Our first steps: EIDEX now employs 3 people.
This year also sees the move into the business premises in Sendlinger Straße in Munich’s old town.


Visions & dreams take shape

The young graduates Thomas Gottschall and Patrick Haendly found the “eidex Werbeagentur oHG”.

Take a look at our company presentation to get to know EIDEX even better. Get to know the philosophy and let impressive key data convince you.

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