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The “EIDEX-Wiesn”, founded in 2007, gave rise to the WerbeWiesn, which, with over 120 exhibitors, is one of the largest trade fairs for promotional products for industrial customers in the German-speaking world. With a Bavarian ambience, in keeping with the Oktoberfest, the trade fair provides trade visitors with a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in advertising materials. You’re guaranteed not to miss anything here; everyone who’s anyone will be there.

Over 130 manufacturers will be presenting innovations, tried-and-tested products and bestsellers, which will be honored with the specially created Best-Of-Bestsellers Award. This award for advertising materials with particularly great potential is sponsored by EIDEX and presented to the winners in a festive ceremony at the annual WerbeWiesn.

We cordially invite you to experience the WerbeWiesn live. Simply register via the website link or subscribe to our EIDEX newsletter to stay up to date.

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